Nascar Legends 3   99 MB's Release date 07/11/2011

Car42     This is the missing Kyle Petty skin texture.

Nascar Legends 4   110 MB's Release date 04/23/2012

Nascar Legends 5  103 MB's  Release 05/21/2012

Nascar Legends 1v2 1964        105 MB's     Release date March 11, 2013

Nascar Legends 1967 v2     92 MB's Release date 03/21/2013  

Nascar Legends 1968   102 MB's  Release date 09/06/2012

Nascar Legends 1969   111 MB's   111 MB's Release date: 04/23/2013  

Nascar Legends 1970  145 MB Release date 10/06/2013

Nascar Legends 1981  108 MB's Release date 12/7/2013

Nascar Heat Mods

USMTS 2009                      

73 MB, templates are included

IMCA Modifieds 2009        

121 MB, templates are included

1990 IMCA Modifieds            

92 MB, templates are included

90's Latemodel Heat                

56 MB, templates are included

USAC Silver Crown                

74 MB, templates are included


Vintage Sprints      

62 MB Templates are included              

HMS Paved                              

86 MB, templates included

Chrysler Kit Car Heat      Four Chassis, Dart, Duster, Aspen and Challenger. Sorry, no Chevy's or Fords....LOL

71 MB's

HMS Paved 2

117 MB's

HMS Paved 3

98 MB's

HMS Midgets       This is a different mod then the WMRA Midgets which were based on modified DRT Midgets. These are new chassis. The chassis could be used with the WMRA Midgets cars, but the wheel base is wider.

87 MB's

HMS Modlites

77 MB's

IMCA Legends 3      Templates included. This is a reworked Legends 2 mod, with the chassis taken from the Nascar Legends series, and all all new redone skins.

134 MB's

Paved Vintage Modifieds     Templates included  Reworked Vintage mods, these are now 4 speed cars

88 MB's

IMCA Stockcar 2008  156 MB's  Re uploaded, brought back upon request.

HMS Sportsman 2     94 MB's

Fever Heat   98 MB's  Short track stockcars from the 1960's. Based on a 1967 movie called "Fever Heat', filmed at the Stuart Speedway in Stuart Iowa.

Fever Heat Cockpit fix    44MB's  Fever Heat cockpit car fix In my haste, I did not check all the cockpit views, and had a few cars with messed up views. This file is nothing but chassis, just unzip and place into the Fever Heat folder which will overwrite the existing cars..

Saturday night stocker  140 MB's Short track stockcar with some new models, and updated existing ones. New chassis include a 1977 Ford Mustang, Ford Fairmont, Ford Granada including Dick Trickle's White Knight. AMC Hornet driven by Bobby Allison. Hope you enjoy it.

Lucas Oil Modifieds    92.7 MB's  Lucas Oil Modified Series, 4 chassis, 29 Lucas Oil skins and 2 House car skins. I am not sure what year all the skins are, between 2011 and 2014 I assume as it was hard to find picures with dates.