2/08/2018 USAC Legends mod is still in the works. This mod has been on the drawing board for the past two years, and I have been working on it between other mods. No time frame yet as it will basically be 3 or 4 seasons, just not sure if it will be offered as one complete mod with 3 or 4 carsets, or if it will be uploaded as 3 or 4 separate mods. Currently, I have 80 cars painted, but they range from 1970 through 1976.

Another mod in the works is Superstock heat. These are cars similar to the cars in the mod Fever Heat, but real cars and real drivers. The cars have been reworked, and I have added additional cars. This mod will probably be released sometime this spring, or summer at the latest. I jump back and forth between the USAC mod and this one. Check out some action pictures of the Superstock heat mod below. 

02/01/2018 Sportsman Legends is released and ready for download at themodsquad.info . 

09/15/2017  I have been working on a Sportsman Legends mod for the past couple months. This was not a mod I was going to do, but made the cars for someone and decided to make a skinset for them. These are cars from the 50's and 60's and are basically reworked cars from previous mods. Over 70 cars are painted and included, all drivers are from the same era. The mod should be uploaded at the Mod Squad in the next couple weeks, shortly after some beta testing is done. I have included some screen shots below. 

02/18/2017  I currently have a couple projects on the board. The first I am helping out on a 90's Trans Am mod, and the second is a a USAC Stockcars Legends mod. Being an older guy, my heart still lies with the old Hemi's and cars from the early 70's, so I have been reworking some models, borrowing a couple models from the 1972 Grand National Mod, and will have a mod that will hopefully have multiple carsets. Highbank from the Mod Squad is helping me out with some skins, but there is no time frame for its completion. The Trans AM mod I am slated to build the Dodge Daytona, which is already in progress and a 1994 Corvette which is on to do list. I will have some updates to follow. 

11/29/2016 PRO STOCK HEAT 2016 is done and will be uploaded shortly at the Mod Squad. It has approximately 60 cars, features a 2000 Mustang, 1977 Mustang, 2004 Chevy Z28, 1987 Iroc Z, 1980 Z28, 1992 Dodge Daytona, 1988 Dodge Shelby Charger and a 1977 AMC Hornet. I have been mostly racing short tracks with them, but they handle great on the road courses as well. It should be uploaded sometime around the first of December. 

Nascar Legends 1978 is completed and uploaded at the Mod Squad ready for download. Next up, Pro Stock Heat, due to be released sometime in October. Enjoy

Hawbaker Motorsports has joined forces with the Mod Squad, and future mods will be located at that site for download. This site I am going to keep open for the time being, mostly to add preview pictures of upcoming mods. Currently, there are three mods in the works. 

HMS Latemodel Sportsman mod... This is a mod from the late 1970's which is a dirt/asphalt short track mod that includes Camaro's, Nova, Challenger and a Mustang. Some render shots are below. This mod should be released at the Mod Squad sometime in March.

Nascar Legends 1978... Title says it all. This is an updated new version which will replace the old Nascar Legends 3 mod. The NL 3 mod was a late 70's Nascar mod in general, this is season specific with reworked models and will have new cockpits. I plan on doing car sets for the 1976, 77, 79 and 80 seasons. The 1978 season car set is about done, as well as the car models, but I have not started on the cockpits. This mod should be done some time this spring.

Superstock Heat coming soon.........

Sportsman Legends
Released and available at themodsquad.info

USAC Stockcar Legends

Prostock Heat 2016

Pro Stock Heat 2016

Latemodel Sportsman
Latemode Sportsman heat is completed and ready for download at the mod squad.

Renders from past Hawbaker Motorsports Mods
Ramo Stott Superbird from Nascar Legends 1970 and Roadrunner from IMCA Legends 3

Fever Heat 1955 Chevrolet from Fever Heat
Ace Jones, from the 1967 Movie "Fever Heat" 

Hawbaker Motorsports Kart Racing 2015
Thats me atop the only Kart that's not black.

Nascar Legends season 1978